Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pinecone and Sparkle Tutorial for Kids

This pinecone tutorial is super easy and fun for kids.  You can use your sparkly pinecones as bowl fillers or attach a ribbon on each pinecone and use them as Christmas tree ornaments.  Your kids will love to hang ornaments on the tree made by them!

You'll need:
Mod Podge or glue
small paintbrushes
Sparkle Flakes or glitter
plastic grocery bags

Place the plastic grocery bags down on your work surface.  These bags will make clean up afterward a breeze!  Help your child to dip the paintbrush into the Mod Podge or glue and paint the Mod Podge on the pinecone where she wants it to sparkle.

Once your child is satisfied with the amount of glue that is on her pinecone, use your fingers or a spoon and sprinkle Sparkle Flakes or glitter onto the pinecone making sure to do this over the plastic bags.

Let the pinecones dry for a few hours and you're done.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Embroidery: The French Knot

The French knot is a simple knot that will lay flat on your fabric. Often a small, open circle on an embroidery
pattern indicates where the French knot should be placed on your embroidery.

1. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of the long tail of the thread.

2. Poke your needle through the back side of the fabric and gently pull the thread through until it
is stopped by the knot at the end of the long tail of your thread.

3. Starting with the thread on the left side of the needle and wrap it around the needle twice.

4. Poke your needle into the fabric slightly left of where the thread originally came up through the

 5. As the needle goes through to the back side of the fabric, gently hold the knot (the thread that
you wrapped around the needle) in place, against the fabric and carefully pull the thread all the
way through.

I had to practice a few time to get it just right.  With a little practice you'll get it in no time!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Grand Birthday Crown for My Grandma

This is perhaps the most important birthday crown I will ever make!

My grandma is turning ninety this week. She is a beautiful woman with so many strengths.  I do wish I could see her in her birthday crown!