Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Small Drawers, DIY Orange Ombre

I received this small chest of drawers as a gift.  The front of each drawer had the same three decals on it: a crown, a meter stamp, and a saying right in the middle.  The quote on the drawers went a little something like this, "If all of your actions are measured in gold, then this quote is way too long for anyone to remember."

I could have been okay with the meter stamp and maybe even the crown, but the quote had to go, especially since it was repeated on each drawer.

So I did a little ombre paint job that seriously took me about 30 minutes.  I used white acrylic paint on the top drawer.  The only orange paint I had was bright orange so I toned it down a bit by mixing in some white for the bottom drawer.  I added a little more white paint to the orange/white paint mixture for the middle drawer.  A couple of coats on each drawer with a clear coat of gloss and the project was finished.

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