Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chinese Take Out Box

I recently received a small gift in a little take-out box.  What a cute idea!  I thought I'd bump up this idea a notch by creating a take-out box using paper with a fun print. 

First I took the wire handle off of the original take-out box.  It unfolded easily after the handle was off.

I traced the outline of the box onto a large piece of paper to make a duplicate and did a crayon rubbing on this paper over the creases on the original take-out box. I cut along some of the crease lines on the duplicate to make a template for the creases.  Without the crease lines marked, it's hard to know where to fold to make the box look like a real take-out box.

Then I traced the outline of the take-out box and the crease marks onto my cute paper. I cut it out and folded where I marked. 

The original take-out box I had did not have any glue, but it was helpful for me to put a few small dots of hot glue on a few of the folds. 

Once the take-out box was folded up, I simply used a needle to make a small hole on each side of the box for the wire handle. 

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  1. Now who but you, would ever think of that? It would make an excellent gift package