Saturday, October 5, 2013

Leopard Print Wall Map

Need to spice up a dull wall in your home?  Leopard print will do the trick.

To make this leopard print wall map, I used an outline of a map I found online.  After printing, I cut out the basic shape of the map and traced it onto the back of this leopard felt.  You can find this kind of animal print felt in most craft stores. I found mine next to the sheets of craft felt.  This particular felt was thicker and more firm than craft felt so it held its shape nicely.

Once my map was cut out, I attached it to a piece of white cotton fabric that I had previously stretched across the back of a barn-wood frame and secured with staples. I just had to center my map and hot glue it onto the fabric.

For a personal touch, I added heart-topped pins to the map in places that are near and dear to our hearts. For the heart-topped pins I just hot glued tiny wool felt hearts to each pinhead.

If you feel a little nervous about putting something as wild as an animal print on a wall in your home, don't worry.  I heard that leopard is a new "classic" print.

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