Saturday, September 14, 2013

Birthday Tradition: Stockings

Do people cross stitch anymore?  My mom has always cross stitched and I'm glad she has so that we could be the recipients of this sweet, hand-stitched stocking.

We started a new birthday tradition last year when we received this birthday stocking.  Each year on our kids' birthdays, we fill their stocking with tiny toys and goodies.

A tradition can be a beautiful thing, especially for children.  Big or small, traditions give something for us to look forward to, bonds us to those we share the traditions with, and creates lasting memories.  My parents started some family traditions in our home that gave me so many great memories that I'm continuing those traditions in my home with my children.  


  1. What a great tradition! Amazing ladies!!

  2. I love this tradition. I am totally going to steal the idea!!! :-) And I am also so very thankful that Lani cross stitches. I enjoy her stockings.

    1. Yes, I think you should steal this idea!