Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homespun Homeschool: Stringing Beads with Preschoolers

Stringing beads can be a fun activity for kids, but sometimes it’s hard for little hands to direct the beads onto a floppy string.  We've found the perfect solution for preschool kids who want to participate in bead stringing, but can’t quite get the hang of working with the string. 

Pipe cleaners are firm enough so little hands can control them, but flexible so that once the beads are on the pipe cleaner, it can be bent into bracelets and crowns. 

Micah spent almost an hour making all sorts of pipe-cleaner jewelry including bracelets for me, crowns and anklets.    


  1. You're the BOMB, Asia! (When did that word go out of style? You're still it!)

    1. That is a "blast" from the past. Thank you!

  2. Asia! I want to be neighbors, right now:) You are incredible -- I miss you!!