Friday, September 27, 2013

Personalized Ribbon Bookmarks

These little bookmark people are easy to make and can be a lovely gift.  Set the bookmark ribbon over the page you’d like to keep marked and the bead people on the end will hold your place.  These bookmarks can be fun because you can personalize the bead people to look like anyone you’d like. 

To make these bookmarks I painted hair, eyes, and pink cheeks onto wooden beads using acrylic paint and strung them on the ends of a piece of ribbon. I measured the ribbon by doubling the length of a standard size book and adding a few inches for the bead people.   Immediately after each wooden bead, I strung a glass bead for a tiny body.  I secured these beads in place by tying a knot at the end of both sides of the ribbon.  

You can keep the ribbon from fraying by melting the ends carefully using a match or candle or by painting clear nail polish on both ends of the ribbon.

Can you guess who I patterned my little bookmark people after?  My kids, Micah and Ev, of course!


  1. Replies
    1. You should make some of these bookmarks!

    2. I would love to. Here is one major problem I see: I am too lazy. :-( Maybe I will when Sophie is old enough to do it with me. I think I will have more fun that way. Oh, and a quick question, Can you PLEASE make me a Nativity like the one you made for Lani. it is so pretty. I would also like to order one for my mom and my sister. They love things like that. Oh, and one for my grandma. So, total of four. :-)